Welcome If you are feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed or experiencing some other discomfort, talk therapy can help. In my practice I specialize in providing psychotherapy, relationship building, and coaching services.

Life events such as problematic love, personal or professional relationships can be stressful and painful. If you are preoccupied by your issues and they impact your functioning then I’d like to work with you to sort through, treat and resolve your struggles.

I work to help with challenging life issues. Together we will look at your specific concerns and identify the conflicts that can get in the way of a better life. The goal is to help you gain insight into your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in relation to your areas of concern. I can help you resolve destructive emotions and thought patterns and give you an outlet to free yourself from old ways of behaving that no longer serve you.

My Therapy Services Are Aimed At Helping People With:


If you are looking for peace of mind please contact me. Bettering your emotional and physical health is a real option. Schedule An Appointment by Calling (917) 842-7944.