NYC Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness Therapy - Bill McManus, LCSW - Psychotherapist NYCPart of Mindfulness Therapy is about teaching you to become aware of and covet the present instead of fearing the future or dwelling on the past.
You can be more aware of your thoughts and feelings and learn to become a silence observer. You may benefit from not reacting to them right away. Mindfulness therapy will help you reflect on emotions that are presenting themselves  without attaching them to yourself right away. You will become aware of processes within your mind that are automatic but you will start to raise your consciousness to them in an effort to have better control of them. You may even be able to determine what you want to do with them or how they make you feel.

Mindfulness therapy is great at reducing depression, anxiety, and certain other states that can cause one to feel out of sorts when triggered. You will learn the techniques necessary to put yourself back in control of how you feel, think and behave with my help.

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