NYC Anger Management Therapist

Anger management is a common struggle. Do you struggle to keep your cool? Do you struggle to be articulate and get your point across when you are seeing red? Do you suppressed anger and swallow it or keep it to yourself most of the time? If you have problems with anger, analytic and cognitive therapy can help improve your day-today processing of anger triggers including helping you express it in a constructive way.

Anger Management TherapySuppressed anger can be equally problematic. It can cause difficulties including passivity, depression, and irritability. If you would like to be more assertive and express your anger better, therapy will help. While it’s alright to be angry what is important is how it is expressed.

Let me guide you through the steps to improving your regulation of anger and subsequent thought processes so you can better control your behavior. You will learn ways to deal with anger before it causes you any more problems.

With me as your anger management therapist you will learn how to address your feelings in an appropriate manner, change patterns in your life that lead to unsatisfying consequences, and put you in a better position to connect with loved ones in a positive and healthy way.

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