Guilt and Shame: The Affects that Resist the Talking Cure.

What is guilt and shame? Do you suffer from excessive guilt or shame? Do they interfere with your daily functioning or self-image? Are they interfering with your therapy in the form of resistance to a cure? This article may be worth looking at if you are unsure of the answers to these questions. Whether conscious or unconscious, these

Key Tips On Choosing The Right NYC Psychotherapist For You

What To Look For in an NYC Psychotherapist: There are many psychotherapists in NYC. How can you be sure you are choosing the right one? This is a simple guide that can help you decide. Ask The Questions That Matter Most to You: What are you seeking psychotherapy for? Anxiety, depression, relationships, grief and bereavement, or treatment

The Downward Spiral Of A Physician’s Self Esteem

It is easy to speculate that doctors (MDs) would typically have high self-esteem. After all, they have made it through school which can take 10+ years to complete and they help save lives. They usually earn a pretty decent living too. So how can a doctor have low self esteem issues and depression? Lack of Sleep: Physicians have to