The Benefits Of Psychotherapy For Wall Street Bankers

The Benefits Of Psychotherapy For Wall Street BankersLife on Wall Street can be very rewarding yet stressful. There are health risks that can accompany such a career. Wall Street bankers, brokers and traders have deal with a lot of financial risk on a daily basis.

The fluctuation in the stock market can make their lives go through the same highs and lows. One day they may feel on top of the world and the next down in the dumps. They work hard every single day for many hours and many even go to sleep thinking about work. They deal with the stress of other people’s expectations that ride on their shoulders. Life is just not as certain as one would like it to be.

According to the Huffington Post “Employees who clock 55 hours a week or more are at elevated risk for depression.” Bankers work long and hard hours to provide the “good life” for their family. But is it costing them the good life?

How Can Psychotherapy Help Those Working on Wall Street Deal with the Stress?

Psychotherapy can help identify and work towards goals for life outside of work. Setting goals that are non-work related can help one take a break away from the numbers and give one a refreshing feel of life. Like the old adage goes “Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness.”

Psychotherapy can help simply by discussing problems one is facing. It is important to express them and vent with a professional which can help with ways to cope with them. Talking to someone can help you relieve yourself of issues that you don’t feel comfortable discussing with your co-workers and issues one is tired of bringing home.

Psychotherapy can help identify methods for controlling the anxiety involved with the job in a healthy constructive way. This can help reduce or eliminate the feelings associated with carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Psychotherapy can help fight addiction. Addiction to alcohol and drugs are common among those working on Wall Street. It seems to be a popular coping method for the stress that comes with the job. Psychotherapy can help you get over addiction.

If you are a Wall Street banker, broker or trader and need help, call me.

I have worked with many people on Wall Street and I understand the stresses that go with the territory. I can help you get on a path to a better life while still maintaining the job of your dreams.

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