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What To Expect When Starting Therapy

Typically finding the right therapist can take some work. Once you have found a psychotherapist and are ready begin, butterflies often begin to set in. Questions arise. Is this something you really want to do? Are you really ready to open up your life up to someone you don’t even know? What will they think of

Tavistock Adult Depression Study

A Tavistock Adult Depression provides significant evidence for the efficacy of long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy for people suffering from chronic depression. Started over ten years ago, the study is the first randomized controlled trial to establish if this type of psychotherapy can help people not helped by treatments currently provided: antidepressants, short-term courses of counselling or

Guilt and Shame: The Affects that Resist the Talking Cure.

What is guilt and shame? Do you suffer from excessive guilt or shame? Do they interfere with your daily functioning or self-image? Are they interfering with your therapy in the form of resistance to a cure? This article may be worth looking at if you are unsure of the answers to these questions. Whether conscious or unconscious, these